KDU Penang believes that benchmarking is one of the most powerful tools in enhancing processes and operations. It empowers the college to leverage on best practices in order to achieve higher level of academic excellence. We have established a guideline on benchmarking to define the different approaches and stages involved to achieve a well-coordinated and systematic process. This includes the planning, organising, analysing, integrating and development of the best practices.

We conducted a benchmarking visit to Singapore Management University and Republic Polytechnic on 27/5/2014 and 28/5/2014 to learn the best practices from them to enhance KDU’s academic quality and education services.

Group photo with Republic Polytechnic and KDU Penang team members
Group photo with Singapore Management University and KDU Penang team members.
Engineering Programme Benchmarking visit to USM on 11/4/2011
Engineering Programme Benchmarking visit to MMU on 30-31/5/2012